Welcome! Glad that you stopped by! My name is Kegan and I ran a professional haunt for 11 seasons. I always enjoyed finding ways to take our haunt to the next level on our very limited budget. My goal with started this business is to both produce & sell products that I think can help others while remaining affordable. I also am not able to procure some items just do to cost to sell myself and for these, I am going to recommend products at other retailers. I am utilizing “Affiliate Marketing” so I do receive a commission for items sold through my site / links. My goal is to only recommend items that I have either personally used or that come highly recommended by others in the industry. I am also trying to price compare on items to link you to the lowest cost items. You can read more about why I started this site here: Who, What & Why. I want to provide the best possible customer service so please Contact Us if you need anything at all or have any questions!

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