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Graphic Design Sourcing

Please Note, While this blog is based on a real testimonial of experience, it does contain affiliate content.

Graphic Design is a great tool for your marketing efforts but can be challenging to find locally or being to afford if you can find it!

That is why I want to recommend a tool that I have used throughout the years. While our initial logo for Frightmares and early designs were done locally by a graphic artist and other designs were down by others sourced locally, there is always a time/place for getting services quick and inexpensive. That is why I created this site in the first place, to help people save money!

One place that I have turned for different services has been a website called Fiverr. This is freelance sourcing website with what seems like endless possibilities for finding freelancers.

This website includes people from all over the world. You often can find much more affordable pricing by hiring outside of the states. In fact, the custom t-shirt designs that we offer through our Merch by Amazon account were created by an artist in Bangladesh.

The website is great because it allows the suppliers to post examples of their products, allows you to read reviews and you can contact a supplier before purchasing to ensure that they can meet your expectations.

One of our t-shirt designs created from an artist on Fiverr.

When you visit the site, you will find a pretty simple search that you can begin looking for what you want. Try searching terms like “Graphic Design”, “Logo Design” or “T-shirt Design” to get started. You could also try “Halloween”, “Spooky” or “Scary” and get started that way.

Beyond just graphic designs, it looks like there are options for voice over work, story writing and more. I personally have used the site for some electrical component design, t-shirt design and even the logo design of this website.

If you have a hand drawn logo, you can source someone to create a digital version for you. You can also find someone to take a small image and create a scalable version so that you can use it on things like a banner or billboard.

A lot of services can be picked up for under $100; many under $30. Fiverr has a review process for you to look at your product and either approve or request revisions before payment is sent to the provider. You pay initially but your payment is secure until you have a product that you are happy with and accept delivery!

When you select on a provider that interests you, you can scroll down and see the country they are located in, average response time and their review and the amount of reviews that they have received. It is always good to check out the reviews to ensure you will get what you are looking for in a designer.

Overall, there are a lot of options for graphic designers that are available to you. I am a huge proponent of working locally and supporting your local community where you can but also know from personal experience that money is often a concern and you need to look for the cheapest value. That is why I am recommending that you check out Fiverr for your graphic design needs!

A screenshot of my Fiverr account showing that I have completed 9 orders through the site! I want to recommend things that I have personal experience with and not just items that I can earn a commission from!



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